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Spectroscopic confirmation of an optical nova in M31

ATEL # 1009; W. Pietsch, V. Burwitz, J. Greiner (MPE, Germany), E. Barsukova, S. Fabrika, A. Moiseev, A. Valeev (SAO Russia), V. Goranskij (SAI, Moscow Univ.), K. Hornoch (Lelekovice, Czech Republic)
on 22 Feb 2007; 14:20 UT
Password Certification: Wolfgang Pietsch (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

We report the spectroscopic confirmation of an optical nova candidate in M31 (RA=00:41:40.32, Dec=+41:14:33.5, J2000) discovered by K. Hornoch on 2007 Feb. 3.798 UT. The spectrum was taken using the Russian 6 m telescope and SCORPIO spectral camera on 2007 Feb. 13.674 UT. The spectrum covers the range 340-760 nm, resolution 1.3 nm.

The spectrum shows strong Balmer emission lines (H_alpha FWHM=1760 km/s), FeII emission lines, and possibly weak He and N lines. This is most likely a hybrid nova several days after outburst.

CCD observations taken by K. Hornoch with the 0.35 m telescope at Lelekovice are the following: 2007, Jan. 27.775 UT, R=[19.9 mag; Feb. 3.798 16.7; 9.862, 17.3; 14.795, 17.5; 17.773, 17.7. In the BTA image taken before the spectrum on Feb. 13.65, the nova had a brightness of 18.2 mag in the V band.

Continued optical/NIR monitoring of the decay of the M31 nova would be useful.

The nova spectrum is available at:

SCORPIO m31 nova spectrum

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