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V1118Ori: The quiescence near IR spectrum becomes featureless

ATEL # 1015; A.Di Paola (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma - Italy), V.M.Larionov (Astronomical Institute of St.Petersburg University - Russia), A.A.Arkarov (Central Astronomical Observatory of Pulkovo, St.Petersburg - Russia), T.Giannini (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma - Italy), D.Lorenzetti (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma - Italy)
on 28 Feb 2007; 12:28 UT
Password Certification: Andrea Di Paola (

Subjects: Infra-Red, Variables

On Sept. 5th, 2006 a new near-IR spectrum of the EXor variable V1118 Ori was taken with the AZT-24 telescope at Campo Imperatore (Italy), by using the same instrumental equipment described in ATEL #619. While the first spectrum was taken during the post-outburst declining phase, the present one refers to the quiescence stage. Surprisingly, all the emission features present before (HI, HeI, other ionic lines and CO bands) now disappeared, given our sensitivity limit (1σ approximately 710^-15 erg s^-1 cm^-2): Brγ, taken as an example, decreased by more than a factor of 5. This circumstance represents one of the very first indication that when disk accretion events (responsible for the outburst) fade, mass loss phenomena (i.e. winds responsible for line emission) fade as well.

V1118 Ori observations from Campo Imperatore

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