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Swift XRT Observation of AX J1749.1-2733

ATEL # 1039; Albert K. H. Kong (MIT)
on 1 Apr 2007; 7:24 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Transients)
Password Certification: Albert Kong (

Subjects: X-ray, Request for Observations, Transients

We analyzed a 4.6 ks Swift XRT observation of AX J1749.1-2733 currently in outburst (ATel#1035) taken on 2007 March 30 and obtained a refined X-ray position of the source. The source is the only bright X-ray object in the field and is located at R.A.=17h49m06.8s, Decl.=-27:32:31.5 (J2000) with an estimated uncertainty of 3.8 arcsec (90% confidence radius). The Swift position is 30 arcsec from the ASCA position (Sakano et al. 2002). Since the nominal 90% positional error radius of the ASCA observations is 50 arcsec, the Swift X-ray source is consistent with AX J1749.1-2733. The energy spectrum of the source can be fitted with an absorbed power-law model with N_H=1.9+/-0.9E23 cm^-2 and a photon index of 2.1+/-1.2 (90%). The absorbed 2-10 keV flux is 6E-12 erg/cm^2/s. The 2-10 keV lightcurve does not show decay although some variability can be seen. Optical and infrared observations are encouraged to locate the optical/IR counterpart.

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