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SAX J2103.5+4545 in outburst

ATEL # 1063; R. Galis, V. Beckmann (ISDC, Versoix), V. Bianchin (IASF/Bologna-INAF), S. Grebenev (IKI, Moscow), B. McBreen (Univ. College, Dublin), S. Mereghetti (IASF/Milano-INAF), M. Revnivtsev (IKI and MPA, Garching), C. Sanchez (ESTEC, Noordwijk), A. Strong (MPE, Garching), N. J. Westergaard (DSRI, Copenhagen) for the INTEGRAL Science Working Team
on 27 Apr 2007; 9:14 UT
Password Certification: Nami Mowlavi (

Subjects: X-ray, Binaries, Neutron Stars, Pulsars
Referred to by ATEL #: 1064

We report an intense hard X-ray outburst detected from the Be/neutron star HMXB SAX J2103.5+4545 (Blay et al. 2004, A&A, 427, 293), which is known to be a pulsar. The source was detected during INTEGRAL observations of the Galactic Plane in the Cygnus region, starting at 2007-04-25T09:14 (UTC). The source was detected by INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI within 60 ksec with a flux of (1.7 +- 0.1)E-09 erg/cm**2/sec in the 20-40 keV energy band, and with (5.3 +- 0.7)E-10 erg/cm**2/sec at 40-80 keV. A preliminary spectral analysis reveals a spectrum which can be described by a bremsstrahlung model of kT = (25.2 +- 0.7) keV. The source has not been covered by the monitors JEM-X and OMC during the observation.

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