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M31 Nova Candidate

ATEL # 1192; M.J. Darnley (Liverpool John Moores University, UK), E. Kerins (University of Manchester, UK) and A.M. Newsam (Liverpool John Moores University, UK), on behalf of the Angstrom collaboration
on 24 Aug 2007; 16:28 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Nova)
Password Certification: Matt Darnley (

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variables, Nova, Transients

We report the discovery of an optical transient in M31 by the Angstrom M31 bulge microlensing survey using the Liverpool Telescope (La Palma). This transient was discovered by the Angstrom Project Alert System (APAS) in a series of Sloan i'-band images of the bulge of M31. It is likely that this event is either a classical nova or a microlensing event, however multi-colour follow-up observations with the Liverpool Telescope should confirm this events nature. This transient is located 27.0" North and 5.0" East of the core of M31, RA=0h42m44.7s and DEC=+41o16'36.2" (J2000). No significant variation has been observed at this position throughout the past three M31 observing seasons, this event first became resolved on August 21st 2007 and was identified by the APAS following observations taken on the night of August 23rd 2007. At August 24.1 the i'-band magnitude was approximately 20th.

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