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New optical nova candidate in M31

ATEL # 1198; A. Stefanescu (Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik, MPE), W. Pietsch (MPE), V. Burwitz (MPE), D. Hatzidimitriou (Department of Physics, University of Crete, UoC), J. Pöpsel, S. Binnewies, H. Ruder (, Crete), G. Papamastorakis (UoC)
on 30 Aug 2007; 17:15 UT
Password Certification: Wolfgang Pietsch (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

We report the discovery of an optical nova candidate in M 31 on ten stacked R filter CCD images (each with 60 sec exposure) obtained on 2007 Aug 30.018 with an R magnitude of 17.8 obtained at the 60cm f/8 Ganymed telescope located at Skinakas Observatory, Crete, Greece, using a ST10XME CCD Camera. The object is confirmed on CCD images with the same telescope using a broad H-alpha filter (4*120 s stacked, 17.7 mag) obtained on 2007 Aug 30.029. The position obtained for the nova candidate is RA(2000) = 00 42 29.37, Dec(2000) = +41 18 25.0 with an accuracy of 0.3". A stacked R image with the same instrumental set-up from 2007 Aug 24.025 shows no object at the position of the nova candidate brighter than the limiting R magnitude of ~19.2. All magnitudes given are from a photometric solution using R magnitudes of the USNO-B1 catalogue.

Capella Observatory

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