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New optical nova candidate in the outer disk of M 31

ATEL # 1201; W. Pietsch (Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik, MPE), V. Burwitz (MPE), A. Stefanescu (MPE), D. Hatzidimitriou (Department of Physics, University of Crete, UoC), J. Pöpsel, S. Binnewies, H. Ruder (, Crete), G. Papamastorakis (UoC)
on 1 Sep 2007; 15:18 UT
Password Certification: Wolfgang Pietsch (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

We report the discovery of an optical nova candidate in the outer disk of M 31 on nine stacked R filter images (each with 60 sec exposure) and four stacked 12nm H-alpha filter images (each with 120 sec exposure) on 2007 Aug 24.081 and 24.093 with a magnitude of 18.7 in R and 18.1 in H-alpha, respectively. The images were obtained at the 60cm f/3 Ganymed telescope located at Skinakas Observatory, Crete, Greece, using a STL11000M CCD Camera. The object is confirmed on CCD images with the same instrument using R filter (7*60 s stacked, 18.1 mag) and H-alpha filter (4*120 s stacked, 18.2 mag) on 2007 Aug 30.065 and 30.076, respectively. The position for the nova candidate is RA = 00h39m30.27s, Dec(2000) = +40o29'14.2" (J2000, accuracy of 0.3"), which is 36' 30" west and 46' 54" south of the core of M 31. All magnitudes given are from a photometric solution using R magnitudes of the USNO-B1 catalogue.
No object is visible (limiting R magnitude of ~21.5) at the position of the nova candidate on either the DSS2 red image from 1989 Oct 1 or the KPNO 4m telescope images of M 31 (Field 8) of the Local Group survey by Massey et al. (2006, AJ131, 2478) from 2000 Oct 2.

Please note that the same set-up of the Ganymed telescope and camera was also used for the observations reported in ATel #1198.

Capella Observatory

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