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A Swift Observation of the Neutron Star GX 13+1

ATEL # 1258; J. M. Miller, K. J. Perry (Michigan)
on 5 Nov 2007; 19:34 UT
Password Certification: Jon Miller (

Subjects: X-ray, Binaries, Neutron Stars

We report on an observation of the neutron star binary GX 13+1 made with Swift. The windowed timing mode observation started on 2007 October 29 at 00:48:44 (TT) and lasted approximately 7 ksec. We extracted events from the XRT, avoiding the peak of the image to prevent photon pile-up.

Using XSPEC, we made spectral fits on the 1.0-10.0 keV band with a model consisting of blackbody and disk blackbody components, modified by absorption. We obtained the following values: NH = 1.6(1) E+22, kT (blackbody) = 1.1(1) keV, and kT (disk blackbody) = 1.9 +/- 0.2 keV. Assuming a distance of 7.0 kpc (Smith, Edgar, & Shafer 2002), this model gives a luminosity of 6.5 E+37 erg/s.

Below 1.0 keV, a strong soft excess is seen that is poorly fit with standard models.

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