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Possible INTEGRAL counterpart of the AGILE high energy variable source

ATEL # 1313; Sguera V., Malizia A. (INAF/IASF Bologna), Bazzano A., Ubertini P. (INAF/IASF Roma), Bird A.J.,Dean A.J. (Univ. Southampton)
on 29 Nov 2007; 16:51 UT
Password Certification: Vito Sguera (

Subjects: Gamma Ray, Transients

Following the report of the AGILE detection of a strongly variable source in the Cygnus region (ATel #1308),
we note that within the Agile error box there are a number of high energy sources at E>10 keV (see figure from the link below):

-- The MILAGRO TeV source MGRO J2019+37 which is however extended and diffuse.

-- The EGRET source 3EG J2021+3716 = GeV J2020+3658 (Mallory S. E. Roberts et al. 2002, ApJ, 577, L19) which has been
likely associated with the pulsar PSR J2021.1+3651; this source is not expected to be variable at high energies.

-- The EGRET source 3EG J2016+3657 (Halpern et al. 2001, ApJ, 551, 1016) which has been
associated with the blazar B2013+370; this source is expected to be variable at high energies however
it is located outside the AGILE error circle.

-- The INTEGRAL source IGR J20188+3647 (Sguera et al. 2006, ATel #873) which is located inside the AGILE error circle;
it is very variable as it was detected by IBIS in only one observation lasting about 2,000 seconds in the 17-30 keV band with a flux of about 30 mCrab.
Therefore, we suggest that the IBIS source IGR J20188+3647 is the possible counterpart of the AGILE transient source.

Image available here

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