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Spectroscopic Confirmation of Nova in M31

ATEL # 1331; A. Rau, S.B. Cenko (Caltech)
on 15 Dec 2007; 9:56 UT
Password Certification: Arne Rau (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

On 2007 December 15.21 UT a spectrum of a candidate nova in M31 (ATel#1329) was obtained with the Double-Beam Spectrograph on the Palomar 200-inch telescope. The 400/6000 grism (3.5 angstrom FWHM) and 158/7500 grating (8.6 angstrom FWHM) were used with 900s exposure, each. The spectrum shows a blue continuum with Balmer PCyg lines with velocity widths of approx. 1000 km/s. In addition we detect FeII emission as well as PCyg profiles for NaD and OI. This suggests a spectral classification of type FeIIn, following Williams et. al. (1991, 1994).

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