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Radio observations of XMMSL1 J152835.4+593754

ATEL # 1383; M.P. Rupen, A.J. Mioduszewski, V. Dhawan (NRAO)
on 11 Feb 2008; 21:13 UT
Password Certification: Michael P. Rupen (

Subjects: Radio, X-ray, Transients

Observations with the Very Large Array (VLA) in its moderately extended 'B' configuration under observing code AR642 show no radio counterpart to the new X-ray transient XMMSL1 J152835.4+593754 (ATel #1361). Data taken at 8.46 GHz on 21 and 23 Jan 2008 show no believable sources within the entire (5.5 arcmin) field-of-view, with a root-mean-square noise level of 0.039 mJy/beam. The minimum/maximum within the 8 arcsec XMM error bar were (-0.13, +0.12) mJy/beam; the nominal flux density at the position of the suggested stellar counterpart (LSPM J1528+5937), accounting for the proper motion (see ATel #1361), was -0.028 mJy/beam.

No further VLA observations are planned.

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