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No radio emission from SN 2006X after 2 years

ATEL # 1393; Poonam Chandra(NRAO/UVa), Roger Chevalier(UVa), Ferdinando Patat(ESO)
on 19 Feb 2008; 22:37 UT
Password Certification: Poonam Chandra (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova

We observed Type Ia supernova SN 2006X (IAUC 8667) with the VLA for 2 hours in 8.46 GHz band at 2008 Feb 19.47 UT mean time. We did not detect any radio emission, indicating it to be a normal Type Ia supernova. The map rms is 18 uJy and the flux density at the supernova position is 4+/-18 uJy. We thank VLA staff for making this observation possible. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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