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Spectroscopic Follow-up of Optical Transients from the Catalina Sky Survey

ATEL # 1416; Djorgovski, S.G., Glikman, E., Mahabal, A., Donalek, C., Drake, A., Williams, R., Graham, M. (Caltech), Nugent, P., Thomas, R., Hennawi, J. (LBL/UCB), Beshore, E., Larson, S. (LPL/UAz), Christensen, E. (Gemini Obs.)
on 6 Mar 2008; 23:24 UT
Password Certification: S. George Djorgovski (

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variables, Nova, Supernova, Transients, Variables

Spectra of several optical transients from the Catalina Sky Survey, reported earlier (Drake et al., ATEL #1388, ATEL #1399, ATEL #1404; Glikman et al. ATEL #1413) were obtained at the Palomar 200-inch telescope using the Double Spectrograph instrument, on the nights of UT 2008 March 1, 2, and 3. Their spectroscopic identifications are as follows:

CSS080130:021110+171624 = Possible CV: a blue continuum with narrow Balmer emission lines (alpha through epsilon, possibly higher); but no obvious helium or other lines.

CSS080213:024607-073833 = SN 2008al = SN Type II at z ~ 0.025, approx. 1 month past the maximum. It was independently identified as such by Steele et al. (CBET #1275).

CSS080227:112633-100210 = CV, blue continuum with numerous H and He lines in emission.

CSS080227:160549+192717 = SN Type Ia at z ~ 0.03, approx. 1 month past the maximum.

CSS080228:105301-075656 = Probable SN, but a poor S/N does not allow for a reliable typing.

CSS080303:075520+203908 = SN Type II at z ~ 0.03, approx. 1 month past the maximum.

We also obtained spectra of CSS080227:113034+130905 = SN 2008au (Drake et al., CBET #1278) and CSS080229:115214+301037, in poor conditions and with a S/N too low to make definitive spectroscopic identifications.

CSS transients reported in ATEL

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