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Binary period detected in new SMC X-ray transient SXP18.3

ATEL # 1458; M.J. Coe (southampton University) A. Udalski (Warsaw Obs)
on 3 Apr 2008; 11:58 UT
Password Certification: Malcolm Coe (

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Binaries, Pulsars, Transients, Stars

Analysis of the detrended OGLE III optical data of the counterpart to the transient SMC X-ray source XMMU J004911.4-724939 = XTE J0055-727 = SXP 18.3 (ATEL 1453)reveal a strong coherent period of 17.83d. This period, and the pulse period of 18s, would place the source comfortably in the centre of the Corbet diagram for such systems. Thus we conclude that the period of 17.8sd represents the binary period of SXP18.3.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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