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IGR J08390-4833 is a new cataclysmic variable from the INTEGRAL all-sky survey

ATEL # 1488; A.Kniazev (SAAO), M.Revnivtsev (MPA, IKI), S.Sazonov (MPA, IKI), R.Burenin (IKI), A. Tekola (SAAO)
on 25 Apr 2008; 15:41 UT
Password Certification: M.Revnivtsev (

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Cataclysmic Variables

We report optical spectroscopic identification of the source IGR J08390-4833 discovered by the INTEGRAL all-sky survey (Sazonov et al. 2008, submitted to A&A, arXiv:0802.0928). The position of the source was refined with the help of CHANDRA/ACIS observations; a single strong X-ray source found within the INTEGRAL/IBIS error circle was associated with an optical object at RA=08h 38m 49.11s, Dec=-48d 31m 24.7s (Sazonov et al. 2008). This optical object was observed on 9 April 2008 with the SAAO 1.9m telescope using the Cassegrain spectrograph. The optical spectrum covering wavelengths 4000-7000A showed bright Balmer emission lines with zero redshift, indicating that the object resides in our Galaxy. The overall blue shape of the spectrum with a sequence of bright Balmer lines is typical for accreting white dwarf binaries - cataclysmic variables. Thus we classify this source as a CV.

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