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GRS1915+105: a week activity at level 100 mJy

ATEL # 1509; Trushkin S., Nizhelskij N.A., N.N. Bursov (SAO RAS, Russia)
on 5 May 2008; 9:38 UT
Password Certification: Sergei Trushkin (

Subjects: Request for Observations, Black Holes, Transients

15 April 2008 the microquasar GRS 1915+105 entered in active state with the soft X-ray flux up to 200 count/s in XTE ASM band (2-12 keV), and 0.1 count/s in hard X-ray band of Swift/BAT ASM (15-50 keV). We monitored radio fluxes from GRS 1915+105 at 1-22 GHz with the RATAN-600 radio telescope and detected a relatively bright flare on 18 Apr (MJD 54574.11) with maximum flux about 300 mJy at 2.3 GHz. Then we detected a bright flare with the power-law spectrum: S_nu[mJy]=640nu^-0.8[GHz] on 28 Apr (MJD 54584.1). Since the fluxes at 4.8 GHz become higher than 100 mJy up to now (5 May 2008) with flat or inverted spectra: A similar state of GRS 1915+105 was observed with Ryle telescope by Guy Pooley in 2004:

The X-rays and radio light curves

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