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Continued Radio Non-Detection of SN 2006gy with the VLA at 8.4 and 43 GHz

ATEL # 1525; Michael Bietenholz (Hartebeesthoek Radio Observatory, South Africa and York University, Canada), Norbert Bartel (York University, Canada)
on 15 May 2008; 16:38 UT
Password Certification: Michael Bietenholz (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova

We continue our VLA monitoring of SN 2006gy, which is among the most luminous supernovae ever seen. On 2008 Feb. 10.0 UT, no radio emission was seen at the optical position with the following 3-sigma upper limits:
8.4 GHz: 0.25 mJy/bm; resolution 1.4",
43 GHz: 0.55 mJy/bm; resolution 0.3".

(For our previous upper limits, see Atel 1254.; for other radio upper limits see Argo et al., Atel 1084 and Chandra et al., Atel 1082)

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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