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Catalina/Palomar Optical Transient

ATEL # 1606; M. Ganeshalingam, C. V. Griffith, A. V. Filippenko, and R. J. Foley (University of California, Berkeley)
on 7 Jul 2008; 18:39 UT
Password Certification: Weidong Li (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Supernova, Transients, Variables, Stars

Inspection of a CCD spectrum (range 330-1000 nm), obtained on July 7 UT with the 3-m Shane reflector (+ Kast spectrograph) at Lick Observatory, shows that the transient reported in ATel 1604 has a very blue, featureless continuum. This could be a very young Type II supernova (though at this time no clear hydrogen Balmer features are present), or some kind of Galactic transient. Further observations are encouraged.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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