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Optical photometry of SWIFT J1753.5-0127 following its X-ray brightening

ATEL # 1608; M. Durant, C. Zurita, J. Casares (IAC) and M.A.P. Torres (CfA)
on 8 Jul 2008; 16:01 UT
Password Certification: Martin Durant (

Subjects: Optical, Black Holes

In ATel #1599; Krimm et al. report a gradual brightening and softening of SWIFT J1753.5-0127's X-ray emission, using the SWIFT satellite on June 30, 2008. We performed contemporaneous BVRI imaging of the system with the IAC80 telescope at the Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife around T2300, 29 June and 02 July, 2008. We find average magnitudes: B=17.07, V=16.64, R=16.41 and I=15.97. This observations indicate that SWIFT J1753.5-0127 remains stable compared to the magnitudes given in Zurita et al (2008, MNRAS in print, arXiv:0803.2524) and Durant et al (2008, MNRAS submitted), but slightly redder (i.e., brighter in I, but fainter in B)

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