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The CSS transient CSS080623:142206+334546 is a Galactic Star

ATEL # 1636; J. M. Silverman, C. V. Griffith, M. Ganeshalingam, R. Chornock, W. Li, and A. V. Filippenko (University of California, Berkeley)
on 29 Jul 2008; 20:52 UT
Password Certification: Weidong Li (

Subjects: Optical, Transients, Variables, Stars

We report on further observations of the CSS transient CSS080623:142206+334546 first announced by Mahabal et al. (ATEL #1604). Photometry obtained at the Lick Observatory 40-inch telescope on 2008 July 25 UT reveals that the object is still present at an approximate R magnitude of 18.2.

We obtained an optical spectrum (range 3300 - 10500 Angstroms) on July 26.29 UT using the Kast spectrograph on the Lick 3-m telescope. Our previous observations (Ganeshalingam et al., ATEL #1606) showed a blue, featureless continuum. The new spectrum is significantly redder, with the flux peaking near 6000 Angstroms. In addition, the object has developed narrow absorption lines characteristic of stellar photospheres (H-alpha, Na I D, Mg I b, etc.) near their rest wavelengths. We conclude that the source is a variable star in our Galaxy, although the exact nature of the variable is uncertain.

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