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Discovery of CV candidate ROTSE3 J203225+602837

ATEL # 1642; A. Uecker, D. Chamarro, F. Yuan, M. D. Sisson, C. Akerlof, T. McKay (U Mich.), A. Henden (AAVSO) report on behalf of the ROTSE collaboration
on 2 Aug 2008; 14:08 UT
Password Certification: Fang Yuan (

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variables, Transients

We report the discovery of CV candidate ROTSE3 J203225+602837 in unfiltered CCD images taken by the 0.45m ROTSE-IIIb telescope at McDonald Observatory, Texas. The object is located at RA: 20:32:24.70 Dec: +60:28:37.2 (J2000) and was observed at ~16.4 mag on 2008 Jul 19.2 UT and at ~16.7 mag on 2008 Jul 24.3 UT. It was not detected to a limiting magnitude of ~17.7 on 2008 Jul 15.2 UT. There may be increased uncertainty in the photometry and astrometry due to likely contamination from a ~17 mag star about 10 arcsec away.

The object appears about 4 arcsec from the X-ray source 2E 2031.3+6018 in the SIMBAD astronomical database. This transient has an R~19.7 counterpart in the USNO-B2.0 catalog. According to the photometry of the USNO-B catalog, it is bluer than nearby field stars, and thus tentatively categorized as a galactic CV. A ROTSE3 finding chart can be found at

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