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RTT150 classification of the new cataclysmic variable 1RXS J180834.7+101041

ATEL # 1648; I.F.Bikmaev, N.A.Sakhibullin (Kazan State University, Academy
on 7 Aug 2008; 13:26 UT
Password Certification: Ilfan Bikmaev (

Subjects: Optical, Binaries, Cataclysmic Variables

We have observed new cataclysmic variable 1RXS J180834.7+101041 (ATel #1640) with Russian-Turkish 1.5-m telescope (RTT150, Bakirlitepe, TUBITAK National Observatory, Turkey). 11 spectra with resolution of 14 A and exposure time of 10 min each have been obtained during the night July 31 / August 01, 2008, by using TFOSC instrument (3800-8800 A). The light curve in SDSS r'- band was also obtained with time resolution of 25 sec by using ANDOR CCD during the night of August 01 / 02, 2008, and calibrated against SDSS standard stars. Spectra show double peaked emission Balmer lines, He I, and HeII (4686 A) lines with peak separations of 500-700 km/s. It is clear indication on accretion disk. Moreover, the classic "S-wave" (due to bright spot presence) is observed in the relative intensities of the red and blue emission peaks. Light curve shows pronounced asymmetric eclipse (like in UX UMa system) from r' = 16.1 to 17.0 mag. Brightness of the system out of eclipse is varied at the level of 0.2-0.4 mag, without periodic variations at the time scale shorter than orbital period indicated in ATel #1640. These data allow us to classify this system as SU UMa type cataclysmic variable. The integrated spectrum and light curve are shown at and

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