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Continued Radio Non-Detection of SN 2006gy with the VLA at 8.4 and 43 GHz

ATEL # 1657; Michael Bietenholz (York University, Canada and Hartebeesthoek Radio Observatory, South Africa), Norbert Bartel (York University, Canada)
on 13 Aug 2008; 17:32 UT
Password Certification: Michael Bietenholz (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova, Transients

We report on the final epoch of our VLA monitoring of SN 2006gy, which is among the most luminous supernovae ever seen. On 2008 May 30.5 UT (~650 days since shock breakout), no radio emission was seen at the optical position with the following 3-sigma upper limits:
8.4 GHz: 0.45 mJy/bm; resolution ~9",
43 GHz: 0.62 mJy/bm; resolution ~1.8".
(the upper limits are somewhat larger than previous ones because of the lower resolution and increased contribution from the galaxy background). Our limit at 8.4 GHz corresponds to an upper limit on the spectral luminosity of 3 x 10^27 erg/s/Hz (for a distance of 73 Mpc), implying relatively low levels of circumstellar interaction.

(For our previous upper limits, see Atel #1525 and Atel #1254; for other radio upper limits see Argo et al., Atel #1084, Chandra et al., Atel #1082)

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