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Optical Nova Candidate in M31

ATEL # 1687; A. Valcheva (SU, Sofia), E. Ovcharov (SU, Sofia), G. Latev (SU, Sofia), A. Kostov (IA, Sofia), Y. Nikolov (IA, Sofia), Ts. Georgiev (IA, Sofia), P. Nedialkov (SU, Sofia)
on 1 Sep 2008; 16:12 UT
Password Certification: Petko Nedialkov (

Subjects: Optical, Nova

We report the discovery of a probable nova located at RA(2000) = 00h42m37.67s, Dec(2000) = +41d12'29.4", which is 1' 15" west and 3' 39" south of the center of M31. Available R-band magnitudes from 6x300sec co-added CCD images taken with the 50/70cm Schmidt telescope (+ SBIG STL-11000M CCD camera) at NAO Rozhen, Bulgaria: 2008 Sep 01.03958 UT, 18.7+/-0.1. No object is visible at this position on 2008 Aug 24.90104 (limiting magnitude of R=19.5 mag). The nearest object at distance of 1.14 arcsec is J004237.75+411228.7 (M31 and M33 UBVRI photometry (Massey et al. 2006)). Furthermore, we report additional photometry for the nova candidate 2008-08c (see We determined an R magnitude of 16.84+/-0.01 on 2008 Sep 01.03958 UT.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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