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Spectroscopy of CSS080924:233423+391423: A likely dwarf nova

ATEL # 1750; R. Quimby, A. Rau, E. Ofek, M. Kasliwal, A. Mahabal, A. J. Drake (Caltech), M. Kiewe (Weizmann Inst.)
on 1 Oct 2008; 1:06 UT
Password Certification: Robert Quimby (

Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variables, Transients

We observed the flaring optical transient, CSS080924:233423+391423, discovered by CRTS (ATel #1741), with the Double Beam Spectrograph on the 5-m Palomar Hale Telescope on Sep. 29.16 UT. The spectra (340-1000 nm) reveal numerous emission lines at zero redshift including H-Balmer, HeI, HeII, and CaII H&K features. These features are typical of Galactic dwarf novae. The FWHM measured from the Balmer lines is about 900 km/s. The photometric variations found by CRTS could indicate superhumps from a SU Uma like superoutburst, although the 1.6 mag variations on 10 minute time scales noted at discovery are perhaps atypically large.

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