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Unusual CRTS Transient

ATEL # 1768; A.J. Drake, A. Mahabal, S.G. Djorgovski, R. Williams, M.J. Graham (Caltech); E.C. Beshore, S.M. Larson (LPL; M. Catelan (PUC); E. Christensen (Gemini Observatory); E. Christensen (Gemini Observatory); E.C. Beshore, S.M. Larson (LPL/UA)
on 7 Oct 2008; 23:51 UT
Password Certification: Andrew J. Drake (

Subjects: Optical, Request for Observations, Transients, Variables

We have detected an optical transient of unknown nature in Catalina 0.7m Schmidt telescope images from 28 Sep 2008 UT. The object has the following parameters:

CSS080928:160837+041626 2008-09-28 UT 02:50:49 RA 16:08:37.23 Dec 04:16:26.7 Mag 17.7 Type ?

A possible uncataloged match to the transient is present in SDSS images with magnitude r~22.5. The transient is visible in Catalina images dating back to Sep 13th 2007 and is gradually brightening suggesting the transient may be distant, high amplitude (~5 mags), long period variable. However, the object is not seen in archival DSS1 and DSS2, 2MASS, or PQ images covering this location. Furthermore, follow-up photometry taken with the Palomar 60" telescope on Sep. 29.12 UT gives g=18.3, g-r=1.0, r-i=-0.5 and g=18.1, g-r=0.7, r-i=-0.32 on Oct 10.12. The r-i colours fall far from the stellar locus and the colours expected for long period variables. Further follow-up is requested.

For finding charts and discovery images please see:
CRTS optical transients are detected and published as VOEvents in real-time at and in RSS here

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