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Sixteen New AGN discovered in the Swift/BAT All-Sky Hard X-ray Survey

ATEL # 1794; W. H. Baumgartner (UMBC & NASA/GSFC), J. Tueller (NASA/GSFC), R. F. Mushotzky (NASA/GSFC) and the Swift/BAT Survey Team
on 21 Oct 2008; 16:48 UT
Password Certification: Wayne Baumgartner (

Subjects: Optical, X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN

ATEL #1793 was submitted by our group with errors in the table formatting making it unreadable for most viewers; we resubmit it here.

We report 16 new AGN detected at >4.8 sigma significance in the 14-195 keV band using the first 22 months of data (15 Dec 2004 -- 1 Nov 2006) from the Swift/BAT Survey (Markwardt et al 2005 ApJL 633, 77; Tueller et al 2008 ApJ 681, 113). Each of these new BAT source detections was followed up with observations taken with Swift/XRT or examinations of Chandra or XMM archival data. We have detected an X-ray (3-10 keV) counterpart to each BAT source. In each case an extended optical or near-IR source was also found at the X-ray counterpart location. The errors on the BAT positions are accurate to within 3 arcminutes (90%), and the errors on XRT positions are typically 3-4 arcseconds.

The first table below lists the BAT sources confirmed as AGN with optical spectra. We give the BAT name, BAT significance and flux, the X-ray counterpart name, source of the optical spectrum, and the Seyfert types for these BAT sources from our own examination of the optical spectra.

The second table lists the BAT sources for which no optical spectra are available. All of these sources have extended, galaxy-like optical or near-IR counterparts, and therefore they are highly likely to be AGN.

AGN with optical confirmation:

BAT Name Sgnf Flux Counterpart Spec Type
------------------ ---- ---- ----------------------- ---- -----
SWIFT J0100.9-4750 5.60 2.44 2MASX J01003490-4752033 6df Sy1.8
SWIFT J0623.8-3215 6.15 2.34 ESO 426- G 002 6df Sy2
SWIFT J0800.1+2324 6.55 3.08 CGCG 118-036 SDSS Sy2
SWIFT J0923.9-3143 4.86 2.23 2MASX J09235371-3141305 6df Sy1.8
SWIFT J1513.4-8126 6.00 2.85 2MASX J15144217-8123377 6df Sy1.8
SWIFT J1620.5+8103 7.16 2.54 CGCG 367-009 P200 Sy2

AGN without optical spectra:

SWIFT J0248.7+2626 5.99 2.96 2MASX J02485937+2630391
SWIFT J0543.7-2741 5.09 2.02 MCG -05-14-012
SWIFT J0544.3+5910 5.06 2.34 2MASX J05442257+5907361
SWIFT J0709.4-1108 4.81 2.37 2MASX J07094208-1107527
SWIFT J1246.9+5433 7.63 2.53 NGC 4686
SWIFT J1439.2+1417 5.44 2.51 2MASX J14391186+1415215
SWIFT J1453.1+2556 5.49 2.28 2MASX J14530794+2554327
SWIFT J1830.8+0927 6.84 3.66 2MASX J18305065+0928414
SWIFT J2118.9+3336 4.83 1.93 2MASX J21192912+3332566
SWIFT J2341.8+3034 6.79 2.75 UGC 12741

Significances are BAT detection significances in sigma units, and
fluxes are in units of 10^-11 ergs sec^-1 cm^-2 in the
14-195 keV band.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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