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Spectroscopy of CSS081009:002151-163204

ATEL # 1833; J. M. Silverman, B. E. Cobb, R. Chornock, and A. V. Filippenko (University of California, Berkeley)
on 7 Nov 2008; 16:49 UT
Password Certification: Alexei V. Filippenko (

Subjects: Optical, AGN, Nova, Supernova

Inspection of a noisy CCD spectrum (range 340-1000 nm), obtained on Nov. 7 UT with the 3-m Shane reflector (+ Kast) at Lick Observatory, reveals that CSS081009:002151-163204 (ATel#1823) has a blue continuum with superposed narrow emission lines at a redshift of 0.285. We do not detect any broad, supernova-like features, perhaps because of the relatively low signal-to-noise ratio. Either this object is an active galactic nucleus, or it is potentially a very luminous supernova, possibly similar to SN 2008es (Miller et al., arXiv:0808.2193; Gezari et al., arXiv:0808.2812).

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