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Supernova candidates from CRTS

ATEL # 1860; A.J. Drake, S.G. Djorgovski, A. Mahabal, R. Williams, M.J. Graham, (Caltech); M. Catelan (PUC); E.C. Beshore, S.M. Larson, R. Hill, A. Boattini (LPL/UA); E. Christensen (Gemini Observatory);
on 4 Dec 2008; 19:24 UT
Password Certification: Andrew J. Drake (

Subjects: Optical, Request for Observations, Nova, Supernova, Transients

We have detected four supernova candidates with in CSS images from UT dates Oct 30th, Nov 19th and Dec 1st. The detections have the following parameters:

CSS081030:100500+142250 2008-10-30 UT 12:16:40 RA 10:05:00.27 Dec 14:22:49.9 Mag 18.2 Type SN
CSS081119:015930-012621 2008-11-19 UT 05:00:07 RA 01:59:30.24 Dec -01:26:21.3 Mag 17.7 Type SN
CSS081201:013055-014208 2008-12-01 UT 05:50:37 RA 01:30:54.78 Dec -01:42:08.1 Mag 18.1 Type SN
CSS081201:023759+013029 2008-12-01 UT 06:36:30 RA 02:37:59.31 Dec 01:30:29.3 Mag 18.4 Type SN

CSS081030:100500+142250 matches an SDSS object with magnitudes u=22.60, g=22.93, r=22.30, i=22.42, z=21.37. This object was seen in CSS and P60 images from Oct 30, Oct 31 and Nov 7 UT. CSS081119:015930-012621 appears to be associated with a faint object with mag ~21.5 seen in prior PQ coadds. This transient was seen in CSS and P60 images from Nov 19, Nov 20, Dec 1 and Dec 2 UT. CSS081201:013055-014208 does not show the presence of a host galaxy in past PQ coadd images reaching mag ~22. This object is seen in CSS and P60 images from Nov 19, Dec 1 and Dec 2 UT. CSS081201:023759+013029 appears to be associated with a faint object of mag ~21.5 is seen in prior PQ coadds. This candidate is seen in CSS and P60 images from Nov 17, Nov 20 and Dec 2 UT. From P60 follow-up, both CSS081201:013055-014208 and CSS081201:023759+013029 have colours consistent with young SN-Ia.

The discoveries of these SN candidates associated with faint host galaxies is consistent with other supernova recently detected by CRTS, namely:
CSS081122:094326+251021 (SN 2008hp) ATel#1856,
CSS081106:091244+095548 (SN 2008hk),
CSS081030:043655-002136 ATel#1823,
CSS081009:002151-163204 ATel#1823, ATel#1833 and ATel#1842,
CSS080924:040630+145214 (SN 2008gn) ATel#1778,
CSS080923:011149+143826 (SN 2008fr) ATel#1734,
CSS080921:012706+031306 (SN 2008gs) ATel#1734,
CSS080922:231617+114248 (SN 2008fz) ATel#1734,
CSS080920:005959-090032 (SNF20080918-004).
However, other sources of variability are possible.

We request photometric and spectroscopic follow-up.

For finding charts and discovery images please see:
Current candidate and confirmed SNe can be found here.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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