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Optical flaring of a radio source seen in the Catalina Sky Survey

ATEL # 1884; A.A. Mahabal, A.J. Drake, S.G. Djorgovski, M. Graham, R. Williams (Caltech), G. Herczeg (MPE), E. Beshore, S.M. Larson, A. Boattini (UA/LPL), E. Christiansen (Gemin Obs.)
on 31 Dec 2008; 19:08 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Request for Observations)
Password Certification: Ashish Mahabal (

Subjects: Radio, Optical, Request for Observations, Quasars

We have detected the optical brightening by ~3 mags (V ~ 16.8) of a previously known radio source (~ flat-spectrum, unknown redshift) in the Catalina Sky Survey (CSS) on 29 Dec 2008 UT.

CSS081229:104032+061721 2008-12-29 UT 10:22:05 10:40:31.61 06:17:21.8 812291070574110368

The discovery data and finding chart are posted at the CRTS VOEventNet webpage: (SDSS object ID 587732701792108700).

P60 colors from 30 Dec 2008 UT are consistent with a QSO at z < 2. Preliminary analysis of a P200 spectrum shows a featureless continuum, consistent with a blazar. Further analysis of the spectrum is in progress.

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