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Spectroscopy of the M31 Nova Candidate, M31N 2009-01a

ATEL # 1924; A. W. Shafter (SDSU), R. Ciardullo (PSU), M. F. Bode, M. J. Darnley (Liverpool J MU, UK), K. A. Misselt (U. Arizona), W. Pietsch (MPE)
on 4 Feb 2009; 15:41 UT
Password Certification: Allen W. Shafter (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Transients

We report spectroscopic observations of the recent M31 nova candidate, M31N 2009-01a, discovered by Koichi Nishiyama (Kurume, Fukuoka-ken, Japan) and Fujio Kabashima (Miyaki-cho, Saga-ken, Japan) at m = 18.5 (unfiltered) on 2009 Jan. 28.42 UT. At our request, a spectrum (410950 nm) of M31N 2009-01a was obtained by J. Caldwell with the 9.2m Hobby-Eberly Telescope (+ Marcario Low-Resolution Spectrograph) approximately five days after discovery on 2009 Feb. 02.1 UT. The spectrum reveals narrow Balmer (FWHM H&alpha ~ 650 km/s), Fe II (&lambda 4924, &lambda 5018), and Ca II (&lambda 8498, &lambda 8542, &lambda 8662) emission features superimposed on a blue continuum. The spectrum is consistent with that of a nova belonging to the Fe II spectroscopic class. Finally, we note that the narrowness of the lines and relatively faint magnitude at discovery suggest that the object is likely to be a slow nova.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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