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MOST Observations of GX 339-4

ATEL # 1960; Dick Hunstead (Sydney), Duncan Campbell-Wilson (Sydney), Tom Maccarone (Southampton), Piergiorgio Casella (Amsterdam), Diana Hannikainen (Metsahovi Observatory)
on 11 Mar 2009; 7:17 UT
Password Certification: Tom Maccarone (

Subjects: Radio, Request for Observations, Binaries, Black Holes, Transients
Referred to by ATEL #: 1962

We observed GX 339-4 with the Molonglo Observatory Synthesis Telescope (MOST) on March 6. A detection was made, at a flux of 3.5 +- 1 mJy. The Swift BAT measurement, taken from the BAT team's web page ( indicates a soft gamma-ray count rate of 0.015 cts/sec/cm^2. This combination of radio and gamma-ray flux is consistent with the correlations found in previous measurements of GX 339-4 (e.g. Hannikainen et al. 1998, A&A, 337, 460; Corbel et al. 2000, A&A, 359, 251). Additional MOST observations are likely to take place this upcoming weekend. We encourage further observations at all wavelengths.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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