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Low frequency follow up of SN 1996aq with GMRT

ATEL # 1994; Sayan Chakraborti (TIFR, Mumbai), Poonam Chandra (RMC, Kingston), Alak Ray (TIFR, Mumbai)
on 30 Mar 2009; 14:07 UT
Password Certification: Alak Ray (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova

We report on the follow up observations of SN 1996aq with the GMRT in 1280 MHz and 325 MHz bands, centered on 2009 March 20 (18:45 UT) and 22 (17:45 UT) respectively. The SN is detected in both observations, consistent with our previously reported position (S. Chakraborti et al. 2009, ATEL #1974). The measured fluxes are 1.05+/-0.09 mJy and 3.21+/-0.68 mJy at 1287 MHz and 332 MHz respectively. Our synthesis maps had resolutions of 3 arcseconds and 11 arcseconds and rms of 0.05 mJy and 0.35 mJy per beam in these two frequencies respectively. Combined with recent VLA observations on 2009 February 23 (C. Stockdale et al. 2009, CBET #1714) the GMRT fluxes indicate a single power law spectrum with a spectral index of -0.96+/-0.05. There is no evidence so far of a turnover in the spectrum down to the lowest observed frequency. We thank C. H. Ishwara Chandra and the staff of GMRT who made this observation possible. GMRT is run by the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

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