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Addition to ATel #2306, "Light curve oscillations and flux decline in the Be/X-ray binary Swift J1626.6-5156"

ATEL # 2040; M. E. DeCesar (University of Maryland), K. Pottschmidt (CRESST/GSFC/UMBC), T. Belloni (INAF - Brera Observatory), P. Reig (U. Crete/FORTH), J. Wilms (Dr. Karl Remeis-Observatory, Bamberg/ECAP, Erlangen)
on 29 Apr 2009; 18:20 UT
Password Certification: Katja Pottschmidt (

Subjects: X-ray, Binaries, Pulsars, Transients

As an addition to and clarification of ATel #2036, we point out that the oscillations with period ~45d were first presented and discussed by Reig et al. (2008, A&A 485, 797). At the time of publication, the source had not yet clearly transitioned into the ~72d period oscillatory stage. The intent of ATel #2036 was to present the changing periodicity, and not the discovery of oscillations.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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