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Probable Flaring Blazars from CRTS

ATEL # 2041; S.G. Djorgovski, A.J. Drake, A.A. Mahabal, M. Graham, R. Williams (Caltech), A. Myers (UIUC), E. Beshore, S.M. Larson, A. Boattini (UA/LPL), E. Christiansen (Gemini Obs.)
on 30 Apr 2009; 23:45 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Request for Observations)
Password Certification: S. George Djorgovski (

Subjects: Radio, Optical, Gamma Ray, Request for Observations

We have obtained spectra of several known or possible flaring blazars, selected from the CRTS survey as flaring in the visible light, using the DBSP spectrograph at the Palomar 200-inch Hale telescope, on UT 2009 April 28. These include two objects reported by Mahabal et al. (ATel #2034):

CSS090426:074240+544425 = 2EG J0744+5438: Featureless blue continuum
CSS090403:112403+233646 = CRATES radio source: Broad LyA, C IV emission, z ~ 2.2

We also obtained spectra of two additional possible flaring AGN, both shoeing featureless blue continua, and thus may be blazars undergoing flaring activity:

CSS090403:120715-023330: Listed in SDSS as a possible QSO
CSS090428:164146+121025: Not listed in NED; possibly a CV

Finally, we note two additional transients detected by CRTS:

CSS090428:150425+102939 was previously detected as CSS090228:150425+102939. It is a known radio QSO at z = 1.839; it has brightened by ~ 2.5 mag over the past year.

CSS090428:163942+122414 was first detected as CSS080131:163943+122414. It is not in NED, but is listed in SDSS as a possible QSO; it has brightened by > 3 mag over the past 12 days, and we suspect that it is a probable CV.

For additional information and links:

ID Detection DateRADecMag Type VOEvent ID
CSS090426:074240+544425 2009-04-26 UT 04:32:41 07:42:39.78 54:44:25.1 15.4 Blazar 904261550254119759
CSS090403:112403+233646 2009-04-03 UT 05:23:45 11:24:02.69 23:36:46.0 18.5 FSRQ Blazar 904031230574116468
CSS080131:163943+122414 2008-01-31 UT 12:52:08 16:39:42.70 12:24:14.4 17.3 CV? QSO? 801311120884124969
CSS090403:120715-023330 2009-04-03 UT 07:02:53 12:07:15.41 -02:33:30.0 19.5 Blazar? 904030010654104833
CSS090228:150425+102939 2009-02-28 UT 11:12:19 15:04:24.99 10:29:39.2 16.0 CV? Blazar? 902281090804133432
CSS080606:164147+121025 2008-06-06 UT 07:33:54 16:41:46.77 12:10:25.8 16.9 CV? 806061120884123727
Further observations are requested.

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