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Swift XRT position of XTE J1652-453

ATEL # 2108; C. B. Markwardt (U. Maryland & NASA/GSFC), J. H. Swank (NASA/GSFC)
on 4 Jul 2009; 3:20 UT
Password Certification: Craig B. Markwardt (

Subjects: X-ray, Binaries, Black Holes, Transients

Swift observed XTE J1652-453 (ATEL #2107) on 2009-07-03 at 13:24 for 1.3 ksec in photon counting (i.e. imaging) mode. There are significant pile-up distortions of the image, caused by the intensity of the source.

The Swift XRT position is, R.A. = 16h52m20.5s, Dec. = -45d20'39", with a systematic-dominated position error of about 6 arcsec. This position is 4.6 arcmin from the PCA scan position reported in ATEL #2107. We suspect that the PCA scan position had a slightly higher systematic error than originally published (which is especially likely due to contamination from the galactic ridge).

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