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Pre-explosion Spitzer/IRAC images of SN2009hd

ATEL # 2115; E. Berger (Harvard)
on 8 Jul 2009; 15:57 UT
Password Certification: Edo Berger (

Subjects: Infra-Red, Nova, Supernova, Transients

I obtained archival Spitzer/IRAC observations that cover the location of SN2009hd (CBET #1867) in M66. The observations were obtained as part of the SINGS survey (PI: Kennicutt) on 2004 May 22 UT. I performed an astrometric match relative to archival WFPC2/F814W observations (see ATel #2114), and inspected the location of SN2009hd on the mosaic IRAC images. No clear point source is detected in coincidence with the SN position, although diffuse emission is visible in the vicinity. A comparison to the WFPC2/F814W image reveals that this region has a relatively high density of sources and suffers from variable extinction (ATel #2114). It is therefore likely that the diffuse emission is due to several nearby sources within M66. A mosaic of the four IRAC filters centered on the position of SN2009hd can be found at:

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