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Detection of a periodicity from Classical Nova Cygni 2006 (V2362 Cygni) in the optical wavelengths

ATEL # 2137; S. Balman (METU), I. Nasiroglu (CU), A. Akyuz (CU)
on 27 Jul 2009; 14:29 UT
Password Certification: Solen Balman (

Subjects: Optical, Binaries, Cataclysmic Variables, Nova, Transients, Variables

We obatined V band photometric data of the classical nova V2362 Cyg (Nova Cygni 2006) using a 30 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope equipped with an ST-9XE CCD camera of the Cukurova University Observatory, Adana, Turkey. The CCD camera uses classical UBVRI Bessel filters. Our observations started on 12 Jun 2006 about 72 days after the maximum brightness and continued on several distinct nights through 2006 and 2007 for a total of 50 nights (35 nights in 2006 and 15 nights in 2007). We report the detection of a 0.06577(2) day periodicity (1.58 hrs) over three sigma confidence level in the optical V band data of V2362 Cyg. We suggest that this could be the orbital period of the underlying binary system. This makes V2362 Cyg one of the shortest orbital period classical nova after RW UMi (1.418 hrs; Retter & Lipkin 2001), GQ Mus (1.425 hrs; Diaz & Steiner 1989) and CP Pup (1.474; Duerbeck et al. 1987). The new period is distinct in the 2007 data with a variation semi amplitude of 0.025 magnitudes. We do not recover the 0.2070 day period by Goranskij, Metlova and Burenkov 2006 (ATEL #928) in our data.

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