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Increasing X-ray Intensity of XTE J1752-223

ATEL # 2265; R. A. Remillard (MIT), for the ASM team at MIT and NASA/GSFC
on 26 Oct 2009; 15:28 UT
Password Certification: Ron Remillard (

Subjects: X-ray, Black Holes, Transients
Referred to by ATEL #: 2268, 2269

Observations of XTE J1752-223 (ATEL #2258) with the RXTE All-Sky Monitor show increasing intensity, with one-day averages (2-12 keV) of 57(11) mCrab on MJD 55128, 86(12) on 55129, and 145(23) on 55130 (partial day). The spectrum appear softer in the most recent measurements, suggesting a transition to the thermal state (see ATEL #2261) if the source is a black hole binary system.

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