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ATCA non detection of 4U 1630-47 in outburst

ATEL # 2370; D. E. Calvelo (University of Southampton), R. P. Fender (University of Southampton), S. Corbel (CEA Saclay & Université Paris Diderot), C. Brocksopp (UCL-MSSL), T. Tzioumis (ATNF)
on 5 Jan 2010; 19:32 UT
Password Certification: S. CORBEL (

Subjects: Radio, Binaries, Black Holes, Transients

In response to the X-ray flux rise reported by MAXI/GSC (ATEL #2363, followed up by RXTE; ATEL #2365) we observed the Galactic black hole candidate 4U 1630-47 with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (6A configuration) on 2010 January 2.90 and 3.04 at 5.5 and 9 GHz for a total of 2880 seconds (1440 s per observation). We do not detect a radio source in either band at the system co-ordinates. The estimated flux density upper limits (3 x R.M.S.) are 93 microJy and 126 microJy at 5.5 and 9 GHz respectively.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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