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ATCA detection of increased radio emission from XTE J1752-223

ATEL # 2400; Catherine Brocksopp (MSSL), Stephane Corbel (CEA Saclay & Universite Paris Diderot), Tasso Tzioumis (ATNF), Rob Fender (University of Southampton), Mickael Coriat (CEA Saclay & Universite Paris Diderot)
on 23 Jan 2010; 23:25 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Request for Observations)
Password Certification: Catherine Brocksopp (

Subjects: Radio, Request for Observations, Binaries, Black Holes, Transients

Following the announcement that the new X-ray transient source, XTE J1752-223 (ATel. 2258), is making a transition from the hard to the intermediate state (ATel. 2387, 2391, 2396), we have observed the radio counterpart with the Australia Telescope Compact Array and the new CABB back-end. The radio source has risen from the previous ~2 mJy plateau to 20 mJy at 1.2, 2.5, 5.5, 9, 17, 19 GHz on January 21. The increased flux density, flat spectrum and compact nature of the radio source suggest that a major ejection event is imminent and we encourage continued observations at all frequencies. VLBI observations of the jet ejecta would be particularly valuable.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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