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The former RATAN-600 radio telescope data of J0109+6134

ATEL # 2433; S.A. Trushkin, N.N. Nizhelskij (SAO RAS)
on 11 Feb 2010; 17:38 UT
Password Certification: Sergei Trushkin (

Subjects: Radio, X-ray, Gamma Ray, AGN, Quasars, Transients

On December 2000 we have carried out the Galactic plane survey with the southern sector antenna of the RATAN-600 radio telescope. On the drift scans on December 26-27 the variable gamma- and X-ray source J0109+6134 (ATEL #2414, #2416, #2420, #2421 and #2428) was clearly detected then known as the radio source GT0106+613. The flux densities of 265+/-10, 225+/-15, and 205+/-15 mJy at 3.9, 7.7 and 11.2 GHz respectively and the spectral index was equal to -0.25. These values are more lower than the current Effelsberg 100-m telescope data (ATEL #2428). We used the CATS data base ( to search for the former measurements of the flux densities of GT0106+613 in 7C, TEXAS, GB6, NVSS and others surveys. These common spectra of J0109+6134 are plotted. Thus probably the former RATAN-600 data in 2000 indicate the lowest state of the source. Generally these data are rather similar to the AGN or blazar properties.
We plan to observe this source with RATAN-600 in end of February.

The radio spectra of J0109+6134

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