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WSRT observations of the field of the gamma-ray transient J0109+6134

ATEL # 2460; V. Tudose (ASTRON), R. Fender (SOTON)
on 28 Feb 2010; 23:03 UT
Password Certification: Valeriu Tudose (

Subjects: Radio, Transients

Following the Fermi detection of the Galactic Plane gamma-ray transient J0109+6134 (ATEL #2414) and the follow-up observations by AGILE (ATEL #2416), Swift (ATEL #2420) and Effelsberg radio telescope (ATEL #2428), we observed the radio source VCS2 J0109+6133, the possible radio counterpart to the gamma-ray transient, with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) on February 6 (2h total observing time) and February 13 (8h total observing time). The observations were made in the frequency-switching mode, at the median frequencies of 4.902 and 8.463 GHz, with a total bandwidth of 160 MHz.

No significant flux variations of VCS2 J0109+6133 were detected between the two observational epochs. On February 6 the flux densities were 412 +/- 10 mJy at 4.902 GHz and 507 +/- 15 mJy at 8.463 GHz, while on February 13 were 408 +/- 10 mJy at 4.902 GHz and 500 +/- 15 mJy at 8.463 GHz. These values are consistent with those obtained on February 4 by the radio telescope in Effelsberg (ATEL #2428).

For the data on February 13, we have subtracted the contribution of VCS2 J0109+6133 to the uv-data. The resulting "peeled" images had an rms noise of about 0.3 mJy/beam. No other radio sources were detected in a region much larger than the Fermi error box.

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