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ROTSE3 J133033.0-313427 is a Type Ia Supernova

ATEL # 2480; R. M. Quimby (Caltech)
on 15 Mar 2010; 23:51 UT
Password Certification: Robert Quimby (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Supernova, Transients

A spectrum (340-760 nm) of ROTSE3 J133033.0-313427 (Zheng et al., ATel #2468) obtained on Mar 14.58 UT with the 10-m Keck I (+ Low Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) shows it to be a normal Type Ia supernova. The spectra are similar to SN 1992A a few days after maximum light (Kirshner et al. 1993, ApJ 415,589). Adopting the redshift of the apparent host (z=0.048; Katgert et al. 1998, A&AS 129, 399), the expansion velocity derived from the minimum of the SiII (rest 635.5 nm) line is about 12,000 km/s.

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