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Expanded VLA observations of the Type Ic SN 2010ah (PTF10bzf)

ATEL # 2483; Laura Chomiuk (U. of Wisconsin, NRAO) and Alicia Soderberg (Harvard/CfA)
on 16 Mar 2010; 19:58 UT
Distributed as an Instant Email Notice (Supernova)
Password Certification: Alicia M. Soderberg (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova

We observed the broad-lined Type Ic SN 2010ah (PTF10bzf; Ofek et al. ATEL #2470) with the Expanded VLA (EVLA; Perley et al. 2009, IEEEP, 97, 1448) beginning at Mar 13.19 UT for a duration of 1.6 hr. The observations were carried out at a central frequency of 4.96 GHz with a total bandwidth of 256 MHz. We do not detect a radio source at the optical SN position and measure a flux density of 7 +/- 13 microJy corresponding to an upper limit of 33 microJy. This EVLA observation represents the deepest search for a radio counterpart to SN 2010ah. Given the redshift of host galaxy (z=0.0498; ATEL #2470), we place a limit on the spectral luminosity of L_nu < 1.6e+27 erg/s/Hz at roughly 3 weeks after explosion. This is 20 times lower than the radio luminosity observed on a similar timescale for the Type Ic SNe 1998bw and 2009bb which both showed evidence for energetic and mildly-relativistic outflows (Kulkarni et al. 1998; Soderberg et al. 2010). An EVLA image of the SN 2010ah field is available here: We are grateful to the EVLA commissioning staff for making this target-of-opportunity observation possible and especially thank Joan Wrobel, Lorant Sjouwerman, Joseph McMullin, Vivek Dhawan, and Dale Frail for their assistance.

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