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Radio detection of V407 Cyg at 30GHz with OCRA-p on the Torun telescope

ATEL # 2511; M.P. Gawronski (TCfA, Torun, Poland), M.W. Peel (JBCA, Manchester, UK), R. Feiler, A.J. Kus, B.M. Pazderska, E. Pazderski (TCfA, Torun, Poland), I.W.A. Browne, R.J. Davis, S.R. Lowe, P.N. Wilkinson (JBCA, Manchester, UK), M. Birkinshaw, K. Lancaster (University of Bristol , Bristol, UK)
on 25 Mar 2010; 17:09 UT
Password Certification: Michael Peel (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Transients, Variables
Referred to by ATEL #: 2514, 2529, 2536, 2546

Following the Fermi-LAT detection of the transient gamma-ray source J2102+4542 lying close to the galactic plane (ATEL #2487; also see ATEL #2498), and the optical observations of a nova outburst in the same region from V407 Cyg (AAVSO Alert 419 / Special Notice 201), we have observed V407 Cyg at 30 GHz using the One Centimetre Receiver Array Prototype (OCRA-p) on the Torun 32-m telescope and detected it at high significance.

The measured flux densities for two separate observing sessions are: 23 3 mJy at 4UT on 24 March 2010 and 18 3 mJy at 10UT on 25 March 2010. The source position observed was RA: 21h 02m 09.8s, Dec: +45d 46m 33.0s (J2000).

Intriguingly, this is significantly lower than the tentative detection at 32 GHz of ~60mJy reported in ATEL #2506, indicating a potential decrease of flux density over time, although we currently see no evidence of significant time variations from the OCRA-p measurements.

We will continue observing V407 Cyg over the coming days/weeks, weather permitting. We encourage other telescopes to observe the source, particularly at high radio frequencies.

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R. E. Rutledge , Editor
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