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15-GHz flux density of V

ATEL # 2514; Guy Pooley (MRAO, Cavendish Lab, Cambridge UK)
on 26 Mar 2010; 15:04 UT
Password Certification: Guy Pooley (

Subjects: Radio, Transients, Variables, Stars
Referred to by ATEL #: 2529, 2536, 2546

Following measurements of the radio flux density of V407 Cyg (see ATEL #2506, #2511), the object was observed with the AMI Large Array in Cambridge (UK) for two short periods on 2010 Mar 26 at 15 GHz (3.5 GHz bandwidth, centred on 15.7 GHz). The first observation was 11h49m to 12h20m UT and the mean flux density was 14.5 mJy; the second was 12h25m to 12h44m, and the mean flux density was 12.0 mJy. The uncertainty in these measurements is largely a systematic scaling error and is probably better than 10%. The interleaved phase calibrator, J2102+4702, had apparent flux densities of 106.0 and 105.8 mJy, so it is concluded that the change in flux density of V407 Cyg is probably real.

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