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Radio observations of SN 2010br

ATEL # 2587; Laura Chomiuk (U. of Wisconsin, NRAO) and Alicia Soderberg (Harvard/CfA)
on 27 Apr 2010; 17:52 UT
Password Certification: Laura Chomiuk (

Subjects: Radio, Nova, Supernova

We observed the Type Ibc SN 2010br in NGC 4051 (CBET 2245) with the Expanded Very Large Array (EVLA) beginning on Apr 20 3:25 UT. We report the tentative detection of an unresolved radio source coincident with the optical SN position at an observing frequency of 4.96 GHz. Further observations are planned. The EVLA is undergoing active commissioning and as such these results should be considered preliminary. We thank the EVLA commissioning team for making this rapid response observation possible.

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