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SN 2010da is a SN ``impostor"

ATEL # 2636; N. Elias-Rosa, J.C. Mauerhan and S.D. Van Dyk (Spitzer Science Center/Caltech)
on 25 May 2010; 18:46 UT
Password Certification: Schuyler D. Van Dyk (

Subjects: Optical, Nova, Supernova, Transients
Referred to by ATEL #: 2640, 2658, 2660

We report that the inspection of a (range 400-860 nm) of 2010da (cf. CBET 2289) in NGC 300, obtained on May 25.4 UT with the SOAR 4.1 m telescope (+Goodman spectrograph), shows it to be a young SN ``impostor'' in outburst. Assuming a recession velocity of 144 km/s (Lauberts & Valentijn 1989, Garching: European Southern Observatory; via NED) for the host galaxy, the "GELATO" spectrum-comparison code (Harutyunyan et al. 2008, A.Ap. 488, 383; available at provides good fits to spectra of SN impostor 1997bs (Van Dyk et al. 2000, PASP, 112, 1532) at several days after outburst. The blue continuum is dominated by strong, narrow H-alpha emission, atop an intermediate-width base (~1000 km/s FWHM), with a no presence of a P Cygni profile. There are also present other narrow Balmer lines, as well as lines of [N II], Fe II, He I (at ~5876 and 7067 A, with some possible contribution from Na I D at ~5890 A), possibly a weak [He II] 4686 A line and the [Ca II] near-IR triplet.

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