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Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2010da in X-Rays

ATEL # 2639; S. Immler (NASA/CRESST/GSFC), P. Brown (U of Utah), and B. R. Russell (U of Maryland), on behalf of the Swift satellite team
on 26 May 2010; 1:24 UT
Password Certification: Stefan Immler (

Subjects: X-ray, Nova, Supernova
Referred to by ATEL #: 2660

Using Swift X-Ray Telescope (XRT) observations of SN 2010da in NGC 300 (CBET #2289, ATel #2632, 2633, 2636, 2637, 2638), obtained on 2010-05-24.7 (4 ks exposure time), simultaneous to the Swift Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope data (ATel #2633), a bright X-ray point-source is detected, consistent with the optical position of the SN, with a 10-sigma significance of source detection. The PSF, dead-time, and vignetting corrected XRT net count rate is (3.0+/-0.3)E-02 cts/s, corresponding to an unabsorbed (0.2-10 keV band) X-ray flux of (1.4+/-0.1)E-12 erg/cm/cm/s and a luminosity of (6.0+/-0.6)E38 erg/s for an adopted thermal plasma spectrum with a temperature of kT = 10 keV, a Galactic foreground column density of N_H = 3.23E+20 (Dickey & Lockman, 1990, ARAA 28) and a distance of 1.9 Mpc (NED).

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